BT Contact Number: 0800 800 150

Phone BT on their freephone contact number 0800 800 150 for free for customer service enquiries about your broadband bills as well as to report a problem with your landline.

BT is a multinational telecommunications company which operates in over 180 countries, their UK services include landline, home broadband and television broadcasting including an increasingly popular sports streaming bundle. You can call their freephone customer service contact number 0800 800 150 for general enquiries and specific issues regarding your landline. For example if you are experiencing faulty reception when making a call you should contact them to find out whether it is a problem with your line or whether there is a problem with their infrastructure. Moreover if you aren’t an existing customer you should call this number for free to sign up to one of their services. Similarly if you are moving home you can call their friendly UK-based customer care representatives to either transfer your package to your new address or to close your account, however please note you may have to pay early termination fees if you leave your contract early.

As BT operate a freephone customer service phone number 0800 800 150 you can call them for free from any landline or mobile phone, however please note charges may still apply if you try to call this helpline from a payphone.

Broadband – 0800 111 4567

Call BT on their dedicated broadband freephone contact number 0800 111 4567 for enquiries about your broadband connections as well as your internet bills. Therefore if you are unable to connect to your Home Hub WiFi device you can get troubleshooting advice through this helpline service. As previously mentioned if you would like to query a charge that has been applied to your internet bill you should dial this customer care number to speak to one of their advisors. Furthermore if you would like to upgrade to one of their super-fast broadband packages you should call this helpline to request an engineer appointment. On that note if you have already arranged for a technician to examine your cables you should call this helpline immediately if you will no longer be at your property on the scheduled date.

Billing enquiries – 0800 433 311

Contact BT on their freephone automated phone number 0800 433 311 for free to pay your internet or telephone bill. Moreover if you aren’t sure of your payment dates or your existing account balance you can call this helpline at any time of day in order to receive a confirmation of any outstanding debts.

BT UK phone numbers

BT department UK phone number
Customer services 0800 800 150
London head office 0207 356 5000
Cancel your BT service 0800 783 1401
Switch to BT & home-movers 0800 100 400
Billing enquiries 0800 433 311
BT landline – customer services 0800 800 511
BT landline – technical support 0800 800 151
Broadband, email & TV (including BT Sport) 0800 111 4567
Cloud computing 0800 500 3114
BT SmartTalk 0800 011 3845
BT ID 0800 707 6310
Report a problem with cables, poles, cabinets or manholes 0800 023 2023
Report a problem with a BT Building 0800 223 388