Next Contact Number: 0333 777 8000

Contact Next on their UK phone number 0333 777 8000 to discuss their clothing or home furniture products with a customer service advisor.

Next is a large UK-based retail company that mainly sells fashionble women’s and men’s clothing as well accessories, however they also sell hugely popular home and furniture products as well. The large retail company was founded by one tailor, Joseph Hepworth, who expanded the company into 100 outlets all over the UK. His success made him one of the pioneers of chain stores in the United Kingdom. Presently, Next has more than 700 stores worldwide and more than 500 of these are all over the UK. This spectacular growth was due to Next’s capacity to buy-out several companies in the fashion space adding each company’s product line and expertise unto its own, to the extent their clothes are some of the most sought-after throughout the British Isles.

Contact Next over the phone – 0333 777 8000

  • If you want to contact Next, then you can use their contact number 0333 777 8000 which is the company’s directory and general enquiries line. Therefore if you want to find your nearest store, check what seasonal clothes they sell and their size guidelines for shoes you should call this helpline for customer service support.
  • If you wish to contact them about payments, returns and account balance enquiries, then you can call them for free by dialling their freephone contact number 0800 587 7758.
  • If you want to order flowers or enquire about ordering flowers, then you can contact them on this number: 0333 777 8050.
  • You can also redeem the cost of your order with Next online using gift cards and eVouchers by calling them on 0333 777 4534.
  • If you want to activate your giftcard or check your balance on an existing card, then you can contact them on their local-rate helpline 0333 777 8800.  You can also call this helpline to report a missing gift card however they are under no obligation to provide refunds against the balance of lost cards.
  • If you have any enquiries regarding the furniture items they list on their website, then you can call them on 0333 777 8999 from the UK or 016 869 468 if you are a resident in Ireland.
  • If you want help with technical issues related to the Next website, the system they use for online shopping or their website functionality then you can call them on this phone number 0333 777 4510.
  • If your concern specifically involves Next’s stores, then call them on 0333 777 8939.
  • If you want to call them about store purchases that you made, then call them at 0333 777 873 from the UK or 016 968 211 from Eire. For example if you would like to register an official complaint against their clothes or a member of their staff you can call these helplines to notify a customer service manager.
  • If you have any enquiries regarding domestic appliances such as refrigerators, washing machines or dishwashers then contact them on their dedicated contact number 0333 777 8907.
  • If your enquiries pertain to Made 2 Measure Curtains, then call them on 0333 777 8160 for fittings and to reach their bespoke design team.

Email Next

You can also correspond with Next via email by using this form, they will answer back in about 3 days however this website also has a live chat function if you would prefer a faster resolution to your online enquiries.

Write to Next

If you are a patient customer you can correspond with the Next customer service department via the post by writing a letter to their UK postal address:

Desford Road,
LE19 4AT,
United Kingdom.

Next head office and complaints – 0333 777 4577

    • If you want to call Next with a corporate enquiry, then you can use their head office contact number which is 0333 777 4577, here you will also be able to make serious complaints against their clothing products or financial services.
    • If you have a complaint about the Next website, you can call them on 0333 777 8247 to reach their customer IT team.
    • Furthermore can also use the form here to reach their technical support staff


Alternatively, send a letter to the Next head office directly by using their Leicester postal address:

Next Directory,
Gedding Road,
LE5 5DW,
United Kingdom.