Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) Contact Number: 0345 724 2424

Phone the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) on their general enquiries contact number 0345 724 2424 to manage your current account & credit card.

The Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) is one of the largest banks operating in the United Kingdom, with over 700 branches distributed across Scotland and major cities within the wider UK. You should call their telephone helpline number 0345 724 2424 for general enquiries about their current accounts, savings products, loans, mortgages and credit card, as well as for telephone banking. This is their main contact number for residents in Scotland so if your RBS account is registered in England you should instead phone their dedicated helpline 0345 900 0400 and similarly if your account is held in Wales you should call 0345 900 0300.

Credit cards – 0370 907 0010

Phone RBS for credit card enquiries by calling their contact number 0370 907 0010 to make a payment to pay off your debt, to change your personal details such as your address and to request an increase to your credit card limit. You should also call this helpline if you are interested in applying for a Royal Bank of Scotland credit card and you would therefore like more information about the APR interest rates that apply to each of their cards. If your credit card has been lost or stolen you should call RBS immediately on their 24-hour emergency phone number 0370 600 0459 to block the missing card and to get a replacement.

Mortgages – 0800 056 3220

Contact the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) on their freephone telephone number 0800 056 3220 for free to apply for a personal or landlord mortgage and to manage your existing mortgage. Therefore you can call this number to change the length of your mortgage and to pay off your mortgage debt early. By contrast you can also phone this customer service team to remortgage your property.

Personal Loan enquiries – 0800 148 8331

Contact RBS for free by calling their freephone number 0800 148 8331 to get a personal loan or to pay off your existing loan. You should also call this number if you need to borrow more money, to check the interest rates that apply to your loan and if you are having difficulties making the repayments on your loan.

Important Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) telephone numbers

Department Phone Number
General enquiries – Scotland accounts 0345 724 2424
General enquiries – England accounts 0345 900 0400
General enquiries – Wales accounts 0345 900 0300
International helpline +44 131 549 8888
Credit card enquiries 0370 907 0010
Private customers with banking managers 0333 202 3332
Business telephone banking 0345 600 2230
Home insurance enquiries 0800 051 1450
Mortgages 0800 056 3220
Personal loans 0800 148 8331
Financial advice helpline 0345 301 5432
Lost & stolen cards – Scotland 0370 600 0459
Lost & stolen cards – England & Wales 0800 056 4386

Write to RBS

You can also contact the Royal Bank of Scotland by sending letters of enquiry or official complaints to their head office postal address which is provided here:

RBS Customer Service Department,
The Royal Bank of Scotland plc,
36 St Andrew Square,
EH2 2YB,
United Kingdom.