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Official contact details for Sky

There are many ways to contact Sky for general enquiries or to speak to a Sky customer service advisor. For instance, by calling their freephone helpline number 0800 151 2747.

Sky is the largest pay-TV broadcaster which also runs a number of other telecommunications services including home broadband and their Sky Talk landline service, moreover they began to operate a mobile phone network in 2017 branded as Sky Mobile. You can phone their general enquiries freephone number 0800 151 2747 to sign up for Sky TV or to receive technical support for your faulty WiFi signal.

If your enquiry or problem is specific to one of the Sky departments then please consult the table below for contact numbers and online help details for each Sky Service.

Top Sky department contact numbers from Number Expert

Department Phone Number Reason for calling Sky
Sky TV 0330 041 2526 Technical faults with your cables or satellite TV dish, contract renewals and adding new channels to your television package.
Sky Broadband 0330 041 2544 Report inadequate download speeds, upgrade to super-fast fibre optic broadband and to check their current price structure.
Sky Talk 0330 041 2553 Upgrade your current call package, add a second number to your landline and for cancellations.
Sky Mobile 0333 009 1366 Buy a new smartphone device, report problems with your mobile signal and to top-up your pay as you go credit

We aim to regularly update these Number Expert contact numbers for Sky departments so that you can be confident our contact details are fully up-to-date.

Cost of calling Sky from UK phones

Some Sky departments use 0800 phone numbers but are these free to call? Absolutely, calls to Sky customer service departments which use an 0800 freephone number are free of charge from all UK landline and mobile telephones, regardless of which network you are on.

But what about the cost of calling their 03 customer service numbers? These helplines can be phoned for free if you are a Sky Talk or Sky Mobile customer, however these are normally charged at the same rate as numbers using a 01 or 02 UK area code prefix.

But are Sky’s 03 telephone numbers free to call on other networks such as O2, BT, EE and Vodafone? Not quite because they will have to pay the full local rate to call Sky customer services unless they have free inclusive minutes on their tariff, as these can be used to call any local-rate helpline for free.

Sky call cost summary

Number prefix Cost for Sky Talk & Sky Mobile customers Call costs for other networks (O2, BT, EE, Vodafone and Virgin Mobile)
0800 & 0808 numbers (including Sky customer services) Free Free
Sky customer service 03 numbers Free Access charge plus per-minute rate (free inclusive minutes can be used to call 03 numbers for free)
Non-Sky 03 helpline numbers Free if using free inclusive minutes, otherwise you will pay a per-minute fee and an access charge Access charge plus per-minute rate (free inclusive minutes can be used to call 03 numbers for free)
Local 01 and 02 phone numbers Free if using free inclusive minutes, otherwise you will pay a per-minute fee and an access charge Access charge plus per-minute rate (free inclusive minutes can be used to call 03 numbers for free)

Sky customer service opening hours

The Sky customer service team can be phoned on their freephone UK contact number 0800 151 2747 for free from 8:30am-7:30pm Monday-Sunday, however be aware they may operate reduced opening hours on UK bank holidays. Closures may also be in effect over national public holidays such as Christmas Day, therefore customers contacting Sky outside of these opening times should either log in to their My Sky online account or use their postal address which is provided at the bottom of this page.

Opening hours for Sky customer service departments

Sky department Helpline opening hours
Sky TV 8:30am-11pm Monday-Sunday
Sky Talk 8:30am-11pm Monday-Sunday
Head office 9am-5pm Monday-Friday
Sky Mobile 8:30am-11pm Monday-Sunday
Broadband customers 8:30am-11pm Monday-Sunday
Sky for Business 8:30am-9pm Monday-Friday, 8:30am-7pm Saturday-Sunday

Technical support – 0800 151 2747

Phone Sky for free by calling their freephone contact number 0800 151 2747 to receive technical support for problems with your satellite TV reception, broadband signal and download speeds. For example if the picture or sound quality is poor when streaming Sky Sports broadcasts to your device you can call this helpline for troubleshooting advice. You can also request an engineer call-out if the fault is affecting your exterior satellite dish or cable box, therefore please note that if the repairs take several days to complete you should apply for a refund against the cost of your monthly bills.

Most popular Sky technical support contact numbers

  1. Sky TV technical support: 0333 759 3263
  2. Broadband troubleshooting: 0333 759 3143
  3. Sky Talk assistance: 0333 759 3391
  4. Get support with your Sky Mobile package: 0333 759 3283

Join Sky – 0333 759 3069

New customers can join Sky by calling their dedicated local-rate phone number 0333 759 3069 to contact advisors about their latest price offers for satellite TV packages, landline connections and mobile smartphones. Alternatively if you are planning on just signing up for Sky Broadband deals you can phone their sales hotline number 0333 759 3878 to check out their Wi-Fi offers.

  • Join Sky TV, Talk and Mobile: 0333 759 3069
  • Sign up for Sky Broadband: 0333 759 3878

Cancel your Sky service – 0333 759 3263

Contact Sky to cancel your Sky TV package by calling their account closures phone number 0333 759 3263 to receive a final bill, to contest a payment after you have moved house and for details on how to send back digital equipment. Alternatively you can advisors representing their broadband, mobile phone and landline Talk divisions can be contacted directly by phoning their respective helpline numbers below, ensure that you persistently stress that you wish to close your account in case they attempt to offer you a new deal.

  • Cancel your Sky TV package – 0333 759 3263
  • Close your broadband account – 0330 041 3000
  • Cancel your Sky Mobile deal – 0330 041 2524
  • Remove your Sky Talk landline package – 0333 759 3070

How to complain to Sky – 0333 100 0333

Contact Sky UK (formerly known as BSkyB) on their head office phone number 0333 100 0333 for corporate enquiries and to lodge a formal complaint against the company. You can use this service to complain about an overcharged bill, rude staff and consistently underperforming television reception.

Telephone numbers for Sky complaints departments

Sky department Complaints contact number
Complain to Sky head office 0333 100 0333
Sky TV complaints 0333 759 3249
Complain about poor broadband reception 0333 759 3405
Sky Talk complaints 0333 759 3279
Complain about a Sky Mobile handset or calls package 0333 759 3397

Sky TV – 0333 759 3096

Contact Sky TV customer services by calling their helpline telephone number 0333 759 3096 for technical support, to purchase a new SkyQ recorder box and for cable maintenance queries.

Here you will be able to select a Sky channel bundle which suits your needs including Sky Sports, Sky Cinema for movies and Sky Atlantic. You can also get helpful guides on how to pause, rewind and record live television programmes by calling this telephone number.

Sky TV contact numbers

Sky TV department Phone number
Sky TV enquiries 0333 759 3096
Technical support 0333 759 3037
New customers and package upgrades 0333 759 3280
Cancel your Sky TV package 0333 759 3263
Activate your viewing card 0333 759 3202
Access your Sky TV pin 0333 759 3704
Complain about your Sky TV package 0333 759 3249

Contact Sky Broadband – 0333 759 3143

Phoning Sky Broadband customer services by dialling their UK contact number 0333 759 3143 will connect you to advisors who will provide email support, provide reports on slow download speeds and confirm their latest promotional prices. Moreover you can call this helpline to upgrade your package to their super-fast fibre optic internet bundle.

Numbers to phone Sky Broadband customer services

  • General enquiries and troubleshooting support: 0333 759 3143
  • Sign up for Sky Broadband: 0333 759 3878
  • Cancel your Sky internet: 0330 041 3000
  • Sky Email assistance: 0333 759 3580

Sky Talk – 0333 759 3391

Phone advisors from Sky Talk by contacting them via their customer service number 0333 759 3391 for troubleshooting advice, to report a downed telephone wire and for their landline price guidelines. You should also phone this helpline if you need to change your package by adding free evening and weekend calls to your monthly tariff.

The Number Expert guide to Sky Talk phone numbers

  • Customer services and landline technical support: 0333 759 3391
  • Join Sky Talk: 0333 759 3069
  • Downgrade your Sky Talk deal: 0333 759 3689
  • Cancel your Sky Talk package: 0333 759 3070
  • Sky Talk complaints:  0333 759 3279

Number Expert recommends these specific Sky Talk department contacts to avoid long hold times so feel free to save these numbers to your phones so that you can quickly reach the customer service team that you need.

Sky Mobile helpline – 0333 759 3283

Call Sky Mobile on their customer care contact number 0333 759 3283 to purchase a new smartphone device, to top-up your data allowance and to change your monthly Mix package. Furthermore you should also call this helpline if your mobile device has been lost or stolen so that you can claim adequate compensation.

Sky Mobile is a relatively new network which offers a range of call-only plans alongside monthly tariffs which allow customers to rollover their mobile data to the next month. This may be beneficial if you only use a certain proportion of your data allowance each month so consider calling their new customer team to check if you could save money using their network.

Sky Mobile contacts

Sky Mobile department UK phone number
Sky Mobile customer services 0333 759 3283
Sign up to a Sky Mobile handset 0333 759 3069
Cancel your existing Sky Mobile subscription 0330 041 2524
Change your Mix package 0333 759 3689
Report a lost or stolen phone 0330 041 2523
Complain about a Sky Mobile device 0333 759 3397

Sky for Business – 0844 241 1111

Contact Sky for Business on their UK telephone number 0844 241 1111 for cloud computing support, for landline contract discussions and to get Sky televisions installed in your commercial office building. If you run a licensed pub then you may also call this helpline for details on signing up to an agreement whereby you can show live sports matches at your establishment. Calls are charged at 7p per minute plus access charge, and phoning the Sky for Business team from a mobile handset may cost you substantially more than calling from a landline, because the access charge is often significantly higher for mobile calls in comparison to landline calls.

Contact Sky in writing

You can write to Sky by sending your postal enquiries to their UK address though please be aware that this is a slow way of contacting their customer service team in comparison to calling them.

Sky UK,
Grant Way,
TW7 5QD,
United Kingdom.