Vodafone Contact Number: 0333 304 0191

Call Vodafone on their customer service contact number 0333 304 0191 to get assistance with your pay as you go phone or pay monthly mobile contract.

Vodafone are one of the four largest mobile operators in the UK and are one of the fifth largest worldwide. They offer a vast range of pay monthly contracts within the country as well as competitive pay as you go rates, furthermore they are expanding into home broadband and landline services. You should dial their main customer service helpline 0333 304 0191 if you are having technical difficulties with your Vodafone mobile phone or you would like to query a bill on your pay monthly contract. If you are able to use your Vodafone-registered device you can dial 191 from your handset free of charge.

If you are having a technical issue with your mobile signal you can use the official Vodafone coverage checker to check if the signal is down in your area and to check if your local area is usually covered by their mobile network.

International helpline – +44 7836 191 191

Contact Vodafone on their international telephone numberĀ +44 7836 191 191 to get technical support for your mobile or to top up your pay as you go credit whilst you are on holiday. Additionally you can call this number to check their data roaming charges thus ensuring you won’t be hit with an unexpected bills whilst you are abroad.

Sales – 0808 040 8408

Contact Vodafone on their freephone sales number 0808 040 8408 to sign up for a pay monthly contract or to join their pay as you go services. You can also call this helpline for free to enquire about their tariff prices and to upgrade your current mobile phone to a newer model. Furthermore if you have already ordered a new Vodafone phone you can call this number to track your order and get technical support if your new device isn’t working or you need a PAC code from your previous network provider.

Home broadband & landline – 0808 003 4515

Call Vodafone for free on their freephone contact numberĀ 0808 003 4515 to sign up for their competitive home broadband & landline services and to get technical support for your internet and phone services. Additionally you can call this number to schedule an engineer appointment to install your new broadband hardware and to check if the broadband signal is down in your local area.

All known Vodafone customer service contact numbers

Department Phone number
Pay monthly & pay as you go 0333 304 0191
International helpline +44 7836 191 191
Sales 0808 040 8408
Home broadband & landline 0808 003 4515

Find your local Vodafone store

You can find your local Vodafone shop by using their official store locator where you can enter your postcode or address to find your nearest shop. Additionally you can use this service if you want to speak to a specific team in store, such as their trade-in advisors or their technical support team.